Saturday, March 2, 2013


I've just finished updating Eloise's baby book for her first year and it has me thinking about how quickly time has passed. I know that all parents say this, but it really does go quickly and it's certainly hard to believe that in just one week I will have a two year old.

Two! Wow.

Last year was such a momentous one in terms of Eloise's development. She went from being helpless to helpful (I've got her retrieving things for me these days), started sleeping through the night (and now doesn't, but that's besides the point), went from stationary to scooting, started to talk, finally walked, learned to run and jump and now speaks in full-ish sentences.

I love that Eloise has developed such a huge personality and a whole lot of gusto. If I were to describe Eloise in one word it would be charismatic; she is full of joy and laughter, she is confident and sometimes a little bold. And though she likes to get her way (me too) I can always get her to try new things.

The impish grin pretty much sums Eloise up.

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