Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eloise's House

I spy a happy little girl in her new house!

We bought a house today for Eloise: a 6 '6 x 4 '4 playhouse for the backyard! It has a little door, four windows and a front porch, enough space inside for her play kitchen, a table and chairs and maybe even a couch. It's going to be the most adorable little space for her to play with friends.

When I was young my friend Kelly had the best playhouse ever. From what I remember - though this could very well be my own imagination - it was yellow with window boxes full of flowers, carpeted floors and all the necessities for caring for our baby dolls. We played in there for hours.

Since I never had a playhouse (we had a very awesome tree fort) the vision I have for Eloise's new house may be a manifestation of my own childhood fantasy. I also love any opportunity for a Craigslist find-turned-DIY. With this in mind, I've got big plans for this little house. First, I want to paint the outside to match our house and outfit the windows with plexiglass to keep rain and critters out. Inside I'd like to use leftover linoleum that lives in our attic to cover the floors and paint the interior walls. The house will definitely need a window box or two, some Adirondacks for sunny days and perhaps a battery-powered porch light. I imagine Eloise and her friends hosting tea parties, playing pretend and when they're old enough, maybe even camping out. Can you tell I'm excited?

But first, we have to figure out how we're going to even get the playhouse into our yard. We have no opening large enough to simply move the house in so it's going to require some brainpower and braun to figure this out. But these are the small details, right? I'm ready to decorate!

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