Thursday, August 29, 2013

Doing Her Nights

I wish I could say Eloise was 'doing her nights' in the sense that she sleeps 12-hours straight, but unfortunately that's untrue. She is still mildly challenging to put to bed and every night, without fail, she wakes between 12-3am and ends up coming to sleep with us. It's become such a routine some nights I don't even notice she's there, I just wake up in the morning Eloise is between Chris and I, demanding breakfast.

What Eloise is doing during her nights is wearing panties to sleep without a problem. This is a new thing that started while I was in Toronto and we are now at a point where Eloise downright refuses a diaper for bed. She continuously wakes up dry, and thank goodness for that because Eloise's nightly visit to our bed would be much less welcome if we all woke up to wet sheets.

Number twos are still challenging, but with persistence and a little more bribery we'll getting there as well.

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