Saturday, October 26, 2013

Brush Then Bed

Now that Eloise isn't napping our bedtime routine is very different. By the end if the day she is wiped and ready for her bath as soon as we finish dinner. Bath time is quicker too and once Eloise has brushed her teeth, gone pee and put on her jammies, she knows there's just one more step before sleep. 

We have to brush Eloise's hair before she goes to bed or else we end up with mats. And not figurative mats, but literal mats. Hair brushing at bedtime is just another step in our routine but it has always been one of the hardest. It equals resistance and tears, no matter how gentle I try to be, which means it's not a very fun thing for either of us. Until now. Now that Eloise is so utterly exhausted she rushes into the bathroom to bring me her brush so we can complete the only thing keeping her from sleep. Then she leads me to the computer where we sit down to this: 

I have 3:48 to brush Eloise's hair. Once we see baby Simba's feet dangling above the baboon-shaman and the animals bow down I know it's time to get my show on the road. If not, we have to watch Hukana Matata. 

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