Thursday, October 17, 2013


I love Halloween, I always have. Of course every kid loves Halloween - hello tiny chocolate bars! - but the dressing up part has always been my favourite. I love coming up with costume ideas and although I was a princess for three years in a row (my Mom made a really amazing costume) I had some creative ideas throughout the years. My faves: a tap-dancing spider, mad hairdresser and the pageant queen, Miss West Van. 

Eloise has only had two Halloweens but I think I've done a pretty good job at making her extremely adorable costumes. For her first year she was a Bee (or Ba-bee) and last year she was a Little Lion. 

This year I had my heart set on Eloise as Little Orphan Annie - Chris was going to be Daddy Warbucks, I'd be Mrs. Hannigan and Granby would be Sandy the dog - but she surprised me by coming up with her own costume. She has combined her love for ballet and newfound obsession with Disney's Aristocats to come up with a ballerina kitty cat. My mom has been practicing Eloise's makeup and I often come home to this:

I told Eloise the other night that everything was set for her ballerina kitty cat costume now that we found her a black tutu to match her tail and cat ears. 

"But mama, I want to be an armadillo." 

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