Monday, November 25, 2013

Mama, Just Sit

Even though Eloise still manages to wander into our room every night, I've been relegated to the stool at bedtime. No longer does she require me to snuggle in beside her, under the covers. No, now I am to sit on the stool next to her bed and wait until she falls asleep... "Mama, just sit." Sometimes we read a book, but not very often these nights. Eloise even declines my offers to read Olivia or Eloise or Grumpy Bird or Dr. Seuss' ABC (all favourites), I suppose books are just too distracting when it's time for sleep.

Naps are still a thing of the past and on a busy day a (dreaded) car nap means bedtime will be a nightmare. Speaking of, nightly Eloise has been stirring and crying - typically an hour or two after she's gone to sleep, but before she comes to our bed - and I'm pretty sure she's having nightmares. She never fully wakes up, but often mumbles something indecipherable and will cry until she feels a comforting hand on her. I would never deny her the comfort of something a simple as Chris or I checking in to make sure she's okay, but I do worry that these sleep-interrupting nightmares are one of the reasons that Eloise ends up sleeping with us.

This would be yet another change in our sleep patterns, I sure hope we have something a little more regular to rely on by the time May rolls around.

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