Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Every Day I'm Hustlin'

Until last week I cared for Eloise, kept up with my growing business, ran a tight ship around the house, looked after another (very) busy child, met with clients, took on creative projects and even managed to fit in work outs. Everyday I was hustling.

Last week marked the first in a long time that I've woken up without feeling mildly panicked at how to accomplish everything I need/want to in a day. I didn't rush anywhere or get flustered, I wasn't frustrated, didn't yell or lose my patience. Last week I took it slow, really enjoyed my time with Eloise, caught up with friends and worked, all quite seamlessly. With the Baby in a head down position now (or so we hope) I have been advised to stop working out in the hopes of maintaining this optimal position for delivery. My midwife has actually demanded that I become a 'couch potato' but walks on the sea wall are still permitted. That I can do.

More time has allowed me to take a good look at what my hustle has accomplished since Smitten officially launched in November. I can also see the reason this pregnancy has been so challenging - I have not had, nor taken, the time to slow down. Shifting my focus to my family and Smitten means that things are changing for the better, even if I will still be a tired, grumpy pregnant lady for a few more weeks (at which point I become a tired, but happy, new mom of two). 

If I've learned anything in the last several months it's that there is no slowing me down, eight months pregnant or not. Here's a snippet of some serious Smitten hustle:

We produced a New Year's Eve wedding creative.

Planned a romantic wedding proposal.

Created the decor and styled a Star Wars themed Baby Shower.

Designed a Bat Mitzvah candy bar, complete with a marquee 'L'.

Showcased a table with our favourite 2014 Pantone colours, Dazzling Blue & Cayenne.

And put together the best birthday party these eight year olds will ever attend.

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