Saturday, April 12, 2014

All Baby

At 35 weeks my big belly is all baby. Legs poke out one side and Baby's back sticks out the other, filling up my tummy in a very Franken-baby manner. It's weird to feel the baby move ever so slightly and see somewhat defined body parts against the stretched skin of my belly. Oh hello foot.

I'm exceptionally tired these days and my productivity has screeched to a snail's pace. It's amazing how hard and uncomfortable normal, everyday things have become. Things like walking, getting out of bed, and sitting at the computer are not easy, sometimes they even hurt. My patience has become more limited but I have been taking lots of deep breaths and reminding myself that this is all a bit hard for Eloise too. I look at it from her perspective: she went from having a mom always going somewhere or doing something to one who is spending a considerable amount of time at home, often sitting down. No doubt my girl has reason to be a little confused and a little testy too. 

I've noticed my body changing over the last few days and it was my mom who pointed out that it looks like Baby has dropped a little. Excellent. I am in no way prepared to be pregnant for another four weeks. This discomfort will only get worse and now that I have had my hair done and my hospital bag is ready to go, Baby come on down. 

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