Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shower Power

All it took was a $70 shower head and we're back to a pleasant bath time routine. Chris and I have been meaning to purchase a new shower head for a while now, maybe even since E was a babe, as having the option of a detachable shower head makes bathing little ones so much easier. It also makes cleaning the shower easier and it's no secret that I like my bathrooms sparkly clean. 

The new shower head has a stationary rain head and a detachable wand that fits inside when not in use. It's not a fancy fixture by any means but it works well and Eloise is so excited about being able to control the wand herself that she doesn't seem to notice the drain. Since Chris installed the shower head last week we've gotten bath time - or rather shower time - down to a quick 10-minute process. Clean hair, clean kid and no arguing, who knew it was the power of the shower that would get us here. 

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