Saturday, August 30, 2014

Missing Out?

For all the years I looked after Molly she was always super sensitive to movies and television shows. She couldn't watch Disney movies because they were too scary, leaning towards Dora the Explorer or Toopy & Binoo because she knew they were safe choices. Though I never pushed it I always thought this was a little silly; when I had kids they were going to enjoy watching movies like I did as a child.

Except that Eloise is just as sensitive as Molly, maybe more so. She will not watch certain cartoons and has deemed most movies, even commercials, too scary. Since I've been through this before I know that there is no sense in pushing it, but I worry that Eloise is missing out. Like it or not, movies and tv shows are a big part of childhood pop culture and I've always felt that the kids who didn't watch missed out a bit. 

The 'thing' for every child I know is Frozen. They sing all the songs, know every scene and play Frozen in the park. Eloise just stands there. She didn't even make it though the first two minutes if Frozen before running to us, distressed. "Why was there a big snowman and why is he so scary?" she asked. Eloise's best friend Ruby is all about Frozen so we thought we'd try introducing Eloise to the movie scene by scene. It's been unsuccessful.

My final attempt of helping Eloise get in on the Frozen craze is through the music. I downloaded most of the songs from the movie and we've been singing along. Eloise now tells people how much she loves the movie and is always willing to sing a few lines from "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" I may just be a genius.

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