Thursday, March 12, 2015


{Kids Right To Know}

There are so many things to worry about when you're a parent. And I can add GMOs to that list. I've known about Genetically Modified Organisms for years and have been seeking out GMO-free products when possible (labeling here in Canada is scarce) but the documentary GMO OMG was a huge eye-opener at just how widespread the GMO problem is.

Such as, did you know that 88% of the corn and 94% of the soybeans grown in the US are genetically engineered? And 85% of all processed foods include genetically engineered ingredients. Modifications in the form of "Roundup Ready" which means that the plants' genes are altered to allow them to grow, and grow quickly, even when doused with huge amounts of Roundup, an icky, Monsanto-made herbicide. The dangers of GMOs are largely unknown, and much of the testing done on the seeds has been completed by Monsanto itself and not released to the public. That's pretty shady.

60 countries around the world label GMOs, but not Canada or the US. Here are a few ways we can avoid GMO foods as much as possible:
  • Look for "GMO-Free" labels. Companies such as Silk, who make my fave Almond Milk & Soy Creamer, are certified GMO-free by the Non-GMO Project. Check them out to find more products.
  • Buy organic! In order to be certified organic seeds cannot be genetically engineered.
  • Buying sugar? Rogers Sugar refined in Vancouver is made from sugar cane, which has not been genetically modified. Refined sugar is also made from sugar beets, 95% of which are genetically engineered. When you buy sugar look for the product code starting with 10.
Want to know more? Kids Right to Know is an excellent resource.

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