Friday, December 21, 2012

Prime Time

You know what I realized this morning? Christmas is in just four days and I have not even primed Eloise's play kitchen. I've been putting it off with everything else going on (plus I hate painting), but you know what? There is just not enough time anymore. If Eloise is going to have her special present to play with on Christmas morning then it's prime time.

Chris took Eloise to Victoria yesterday to see family (I sadly couldn't go because of work) and as much as I miss them, their absence is giving me precious time to actually complete this project and the rest of my Christmas prep. I'm rocking out an all hip hop playlist and getting my paint on.

This is what the night stand looked like when I brought it home:

Then after my Dad cut out a hole for the sink and oven door and I sanded it:

And now, we prime.

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