Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eloise Speak: at Three

"Mama, I'm so sad my shadow is gone. I'm going to miss it."

"Oh Mommy, I sure love you. Even when you whine."

"Is Daddy never coming home?" Eloise asked.
"No, he's just working late. He'll come home later when you are asleep," I explained.
"Work when it's dark? Whaaat? That's ridiculous."
"Mom, it's super boring in here."

"Let's just bask in the sun."

"My favourite flavour is pink," Eloise told us.
"What does pink taste like?" we asked.
"Strawberries and guinea pigs."

"Did you grow that baby?" Eloise asked a friend with a new baby.

"Mommy, you're just the best stroller pusher."

"Mama I hear Ralphy barking. He wants me to come to his house. Sorry Ralph, I can't come play, I'm sleeping!"

"Goodnight neighbourhood, Dove! Sleep well!"

"Eloise will you please try your soup?" I requested.
"Okay, okay, I'll try it, Mama. Don't panic."

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